Barbara Cahn Hand Made Porcelain
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Ceramics By Barbara Cahn

All of my work is made from fine porcelain clay, into which I mix powdered pigments to create a spectrum of color patterns. I shape each piece using low-tech processes. Because they are formed by hand, each one is unique.

I’m fascinated by the way clay can mimic other materials, like metal, glass and fabric. My work is about the challenge of capturing the fluidity of wet clay in the finished piece by combining traditional techniques with a spirit of innovation.

Working in my Greenwich Village studio, I am inspired both by the ever-changing city around me, and the history of art and design.
— Barbara Cahn

black and white octagonal plate tangle basket 2 small blue and white trays rainbow bowl rainbow bowl Geometric Bowl black and white plate Square Plate Blue & White Plate Peach Bowl 3 Cut-out Plates gold rectangle plate tangle ball black and white square plate







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